Sound level

What is the setting so that the audio level is the same as the DVD? I have it at 100%, but it is very low so I don’t think that’s it. I used another software (PQDVD) with it’s default setting to make to the audio level of the rip the same as the audio level of the DVD and it is much louder than 100% DVDFab.

Also, does changing the audio level setting to anything other than default cause me to lose sound quality? Thank you!

Hi mathmat and welcome to the forum. I assume you are asking about the audio level playing back AVI or MP4 files made using the DVD to Mobile modes. Don’t be afraid to try audio settings in the 150-200% range or even higher. The type of encoding you have selected (aac, MP3, etc) will make some diference also. Experiment using short rips (1 or 2 chapters of a movie) until you find the right setting for your player. I leave mine set at 150% and have had NO quality problems at all.

Thank you. I am using DVDFab to convert to iPod.

My first question is if 100% is the default audio level?

And second, I tried using PQDVD and their default audio level is much louder. I was just wondering why that is the case? Why are default audio levels for different programs different volume levels. I would think they should be the same.

Thank you.

I cannot explain the “why?” part of your question, other than to guess that it is some difference in the codecs used. I am not familiar with PQDVD. 100% is the default for most modes, there may be some DVD to Mobile profiles that use other defaults (there were at one time). The best setting may also depend on the nature and encoding of the original. Don’t be afraid to experiment.:slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more with my good friend signals.
I’ve been using these settings (attached image), courtesy of Cage123.
I find that they work very well. (Note the volume setting at 300%)