Sound keeps glitching

I’m not sure where to put this so I thought I’d put it here. Not sure if it’s down to a soundcard or if it’s a problem elsewhere.

I have had a glitching problem with sound on my HP7600 computer for the last few weeks. I had Avast ask me if it wanted to run an update on a number of programs which I didn’t see all of. After which my sound just started glitching, catching , repeating bits of what just played like an echo instead of playing smoothly which i thought it had been doing up to that point.
I’ tried several ways of correcting sound for about a week and then restored the computer to just before thsoe updates were installed. Sound corrected, I went to bed and woke up only to find taht Windows had installed a load of other updates and the sound went back to glitching.
I keep getting sound to run smoothly after restarting the computer and then having to leave the computer for several hours only to find that it’s gone back to glitching

I have motherboard Hewlett-Packard 09F0h (XU1 PROCESSOR)
soundcard is a Sound Blaster which has Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373)
& I have 3GB of RAM registering though it should be 4GB mounted

& I’m trying to work out if the problem is going to be down to needing a new or more recent soundcard or if it might be somewhere else in the computer.
Keep thinking that if the problem was directly related to the soundcard it wouldn’t go back to playing smoothly at all.

Also interested in what soundcards I can get to fit this motherboard.
I don’t know my way around the PCI interface. I think I have the original PCI slots and 1 each of PCI e 16 and PCI e 1 though i’ve not tried either.

If I update the soundcard I’m currently thinking I’ll get something 2nd hand. Possibly think of upgrading the whole system over the next year in which case I need to start thinking about individual components I would need. & what size case to go with. But that’s another thread.

Which operating system are you using? Windows 7?

Have you tried installing the sound card drivers again? Or looking for newer ones?

If you are using onboard graphics, it will take some of the ram that is installed, so that may be why you are seeing less.

Your motherboard has a PCI-e 1x slot that could take a modern audio card, but some of the good ones are a fairly expensive add-on to an old system. Asus makes good ones, but even the lowest priced one, the Xonar DGX, is $43 new.

Thanks for the reply

Sorry forgot to put in that I’m running windows 10. That was an automatic update from the Windows 7 I was running beforehand.

I have the graphics coming from the motherboard not a separate card.

Are there any warnings in Device Manager regarding the audio card? Have you tried letting Windows install new drivers for it? (probably won’t do it, but doesn’t hurt to try).

I think this is almost certainly a driver issue. And if there isn’t an appropriate driver, an insoluble issue.

Looking there I’m only seeing Drivers for up to Windows 7/8 would those work for 10.
Did they just stop making new drivers at that point?
& is installing new drivers for 7 going to restore sound on a player that was working mostly ok up until the recent update. Since thsoe would presumably be teh same drivers taht it was running on before, but may have been replaced by something that Avast thought made a fitting substitute.

Most drivers from 7/8 would work, but not necessarily. From what I read, I’ll second Kerry56 - It is most probably down to a driver issue. In other words check the manufacturer’s website. If that won’t solve the issue you have two options:

  1. If it is available, try to do a System Restore to before Avast offered the updates.
  2. Check for latency on your system. You can do so by using LatencyMon or other tools by searching the net. While the link is more for processing realtime audio input, I think it would work very well also in your scenario to find the culprit :flower:

JUst been looking at the site for downloading drivers again and it looks like the card I need drivers for may just be too old. Is there a useful substitute or am I just going to have to replace the card?

Also when I look at the computer’s reading for the driver it says it’s up todate nad the device should be working properly. Can the computer tell when it has the wrong driver fitted. Sorry I should know my way around one a bit better than this. Wondering if a suitable driver was replaced by something more generic or something by the Avast program. Not sure how a program like taht that updates drivers works if it can’t find the best driver for Windows 10 or whatever. Would it just assume taht a generic driver was going to be the best fit.
That is probably overly anthropomorphising things in terms pf intentionality or whatever but is taht basically what it would do?

I think I could use a few brains here with alternative solutions…
LOL, a little to advanced for my foreign understanding as I would not have any clue what ‘anthropomorphising’ would mean, but here goes anyway and I’ll try to thread the waters a little careful as I don’t really know your mileage :wink:

  1. I’ll take it that ‘System restore’ and checking for latencies on your system did not help
  2. Any interesting entries in Eventviewer [eventvwr.msc]? any recurring errors?
  3. You could try to uninstall the soundcard totally by right-clicking the card in device manager [devmgmt.msc] and check ‘delete the driver for this device’ in the box that pops up, uninstall, reboot your PC and if necessary try to reinstall the driver.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I can think of loads of reasons for your troubles including 3rd-party software :flower:

Your motherboard also has on board sound
What is its status?

I thought i found the solution yesterday. Went through all the process of uninstalling the card and then hoping it would reinstall. Now not seeing it on the device list. So need to find out how to get it back on there.

I also found out that if I look under driver details I have 3 choices

I tried to click on the es1371mp.suys thing and thought i’d left it on that.Only to find that if i click back into the Driver details area it has defaulted to the dmk.sys.
I’m assuming that 1371mp is the actual driver for the board.

I haven’t tried the program that I needed to pay for yet. Hopefully if i can find a way to get this to use the 1371mp driver as default it will clear up. I don’t know where drivers are kept in this computer. are they inside the individual program folder. & suince this is a component not a program I can’t see where that would be.

I don’t know my way around Windows 10 beyond the few programs I run and with most of those what i understand goes back to Windows XP and 7.

is onboard motherboard sound going to manifest in the device manager as USB Audio Codec?
I thought it had been switched off when I inserted teh card but I haven’t consciously done anything about it since Windows 10 updated and definitely not since the Avast lead update. have wondered if it might be taht but can’t see how I would turn it off if it were. Tried looking at Bios last week but couldn’t see options for changing things.

On board sound has to be disabled in BIOS usually.
Wondering if there is a conflict

JUst remembering I have a message on reboot that says 317 no front audio mounted or something similar. I thought I had the actual message listed somewhere in front of me but I can’t see it now. Not sure what the story is there since i do get sound from my speakers ok. Apart from teh glitches.

I’m also having to hit F1 to get the computer to boot and don’t know how to correct that since it used to go through the process automatically. Now just stops at this page with the 317 message on and needs to be further prompted.