Sound Issues when playing blurays through PS3



Hi guys, just got myself a new setup in the spare room with lcd tv, ps3, marantz sr5003 amp and acoustimax 10 bose speakers.
i have the ps3 connected to the tv with hdmi and the amp connected to the tv with both optical (out) and hdmi(in). ive got movies that run on dolby to work in surround sound, but just got the new terminator movie today and sat down to watch it but couldnt get any sound out. it runs on dts which i think may be the problem but i may be clutching at straws.
could anyone please help me fix this very annoying problem. is it the way i have everything setup or is there a problem with the equipment i have.


Try running your PS3 via HDMI to the Marantz and then running the HDMI out of the Marantz to the TV…Leave the optical out to the TV hooked up but it’s not necessary…
I just picked up a Marantz SR6003 for use as Pre/Pro and I think you’re going to be happy with your new SR5003…


thanks for that. one question, how will i get a picture from the ps3 if i run the hdmi throught the amp and not straight to the tv??


The Marantz will pass through the HDMI signal as long as it’s powered up…
Look at page 14 in your owner’s manual…


And hook up the optical cable from the PS3 to the Amps optical in…Since the amp is only hdmi passthrough…I’m guessing it’s only passthrough, right?..At least that’s how I have my PS3/amp/TV setup.


It’s not an ‘Amp’, it’s a receiver with full audio decoding capability…The optical cable isn’t needed…


Yeah, I was just going to edit my post, after reading the specs…:cool: