Sound issues going to ipod format

I am trying to convert the movie Decoys to ipod format but the sound gets out of sync and there are weird electronic tones bouncing back and forth left, right and center. I can send you part of one of the converted ones if you wish to check it out. Writing the full movie to the hard drive works fine but any way i try to covert to an ipod format messes up the audio. The first movie I did worked great and was Jumper. I am running dvdfab platinum with mobile option, full version. Thanks for any help.

Studying the forums for a while more I found that a couple years ago this problem was fixed and was only happening on Sony movies. The movie I am having trouble with is from Sony and the one that worked great was not Sony. Hope this info helps some, thanks much.


Can you give me more detail information about your problem movie ?


I do not know whether or not it is a coincidence, but the audio problem I am having (mentioned in another thread) is with Seinfeld…also a Sony DVD.


Can you give me more detail information about your problem movie ?


It is about a couple good looking college coed girls that seduce men, but kill them trying to mate with them because the girls are aliens… oh you mean technical stuff.

It is a Crystal Films & Lions Gate release distributed by Sony Pictures ( it lists 5.1 dolby digital sound, movie was mastered in high definition and widescreen at 1.78:1. Dates listed are 2003 and 2004.

Rated R for sexuality and nudity but a B movie imo.

Anything else ya need from it?
Thanks, ttyl.

I just found this possible fix and will try it soon as i can…

[QUOTE=nodebtdude;1945296]I had some similar issues with my rips from Sony/Lionsgate/and Disney Pixar. Repeated little blips, some subtitles briefly when no subtitles were selected to be ripped, discs started playing at chpter 2 but you could rewind to about 2 secs in and it would play fine, or sometimes a disc would take up to 45 secs before it would start playing. These problems carried over to my rips to generic and showed up as a/v synch problems. Try rips with pathplayer enabled–top slider all the way to the right and bottom slider all the way to the left. This makes pathplayer the most sensitive. It can take up to 5 mins to open some of the sonys, so be patient. This has fixed all of the problems for me that I mentioned.[/QUOTE]

Sorry i did not see it sooner, the complete thread is at
Thanks again

I tried this and many other combinations of settings but nothing fixes this issue for me. Looks like Sony is throwing us a curve ball on the h264 conversion somehow. Hope you find a fix, thanks much.

I redid this again from the dvd to double check my work. And this time realized that not only is the sound still messed up but the PGC’s were never removed, even when i set the pathplayer to the most sensitive settings. I also went back and tried dvdfab version 4.050 with no luck either. Still only happens on the Sony movies. Hope ya can find a fix. Thanks and gl.

Any progress on this issue? Is there anything else I can try? I just tried straight from the dvd to ipod format but with same problem. Previously I was going to the hard drive first and sometimes would then go to iso before ipod format. Thanks.

Woot, dvdfab V4 works fine on the Sony movies. Last time I looked in the wrong place when it was done and thought it had the same issue as V5. V4 fixes the sound issue but does not have the crop feature that I like in V5. Hopefully the next version or update will have the best of both, hehe. is early v4. has the crop feature.

Wow kewl, sent PM, thanks again!

I have uploaded the iso of one of the movies i was having trouble with and a converted mpeg4 file to the ftp site in a folder named Hivolt. If anyone with access wants to check it out.
Recap : It is a Sony movie, others work fine, problems in the converted file only appear with version 5. Version 4 works fine. Thanks, hope ya can find the cure.

hi, Hivolt

I have got your sample, Thank you very much, now I can repeat the problem, the audio all have some beep background noise, which is some problem in ac3decode, I am working at it.



I’m using and have the same issue with a Zune mobile conversion of two dfferent Columbia TriStar, (Superbit Fifth Element, Final Fantasy). I’ve tried a conversion direct off the DVD and also off the image I made on the hard drive… electonic sounds that move left, center, and right channels on the pc or via the zune… image of either disk on the hard drive plays fine.

Looks like the current beta version resolved this problem. :smiley: