Sound Issue

I have a Dell 8400 that came with a CDRW and I just added a DVD+/-RW Drive to the second bay. After I installed it and tried a music CD, the sound was terrible and it skipped. It did this with every CD I tried.

I went through all the audio and hardware settings and nothing helped. Thinking it was the DVD that was bad, they sent me another one to try. The same thing happened. The video is fine, the sound is really bad.

Next I moved the DVD to the first bay and the video and sound were perfect. When I put the CDRW in the second bay, the same sound issue came up.

I was using the onboard SoundMAX and thought that might be the problem. I then installed a Sound Blaster Live card and the same sound issue was still there.

Does anyone have any idea’s? Could it be a bad ribbon cable? I’m stumped :sad:


that problem might indeed be related to a bad ribbon cable. Also make sure, that the jumpers are set correctly (The drive at the end of the cable should be “Master”, the other one “Slave”) and that DMA mode is enabled.


Thanks for the reply Michael.

I’ve tried setting the jumpers, switching the jumpers, etc. They are now on CS.

What exactly is DMA mode and how is it set?


Well, I did a Google search and found out what DMA mode is.

First of all I switched the CDRW/DVD to master and the DVD burner to slave. I then booted it up and went into the device manager. There is only a Primary IDE Channel listed and no secondary. Shouldn’t a secondary be listed?


Device 0 has the current transfer mode listed as ‘Ultra DMA Mode 2’.

Device 1 has the current transfer mode listed as P10 mode (which is bad?) but the transfer mode is set to ‘DMA if available’.

Is this any help?