Sound is off



I downloaded a wedding video from my brothers camcorder but when I burn it to disk the audio is off slightly and I would like to know of a user friendly program I can use to fix this. Thank you


What format is the video in now? Is this dvd-video or DV?

Where are you ultimately trying to play the video? In the computer or in a stand-alone dvd player?

Did you test the video in the computer to see if the sound was in sync before burning a disk?


It shows up in .avi format and he wants to play the dvd in a stand alone player. It played in sync on my computer and I use nero to encode it.


If the video and sound are in sync in the avi, and it is off in the dvd-video prior to burning, you know the conversion process is to blame for the loss of sync.

One tool that can fix small problems in dvd-video sync is the Quickstream Fix tool in VideoReDo. VideoReDo TV Suite should be able to import the dvd files directly. This isn’t a free tool but the free trial is fully functional.

VideoRedo is an editor for mpeg2 files found in dvds, and there is a separate Audio synchronization tool for more stubborn problems.

Is the problem progressive or stay the same throughout? The progressively worsening synch problems are harder to deal with.

And you can always use a different tool for conversion instead of Nero. There are several free ones that can work for this including FAVC, AVStoDVD and DVDFlick.


Thanks for the response. I will give this a look. I put virtualdub on here to see if that gave me any options to fix the trouble but it will not open the file. Gives me some error about codecs used by media player. I will look into the ones you suggested. Thanks.


If you read what all the major software (video editing), recommend, you need to follow quite a few procedures to ensure that your video and audio stay in sync.

  1. Make sure that you have 2 hard drives on your system. One for software, and one for data(audio/video, etc).
    2.Make sure that when you are encoding avi/dv-avi files, (for NTSC), select 720 x 470, and make sure that your audio is set at 48hz AC3.
  2. Shut down any unnecessary tasks (anti virus, firewall, etc), before encoding.

If you follow all the above advice, and if your original is in sync, there is no reason that your end result will not be in sync.