Sound Gone!

Can anyone help me, my sound on my laptop has just gone, it was workin last night but this mornin it had just stopped, all volumes are on but still no sound, any help??

Have you restarted your laptpop?
I mean, was it on all night, or have you restarted it in the morning and the sound was gone? Because there could be various reasons for this…

hey, no it was switched off at night and then in the morning there just was no sound but by using direct diagnostic tool and found i have an error code (hresult 0x0000000) it said that step 19 wasn’t working.

Hi, go into Device Manager and Uninstall your sound device (see screenshot). Then have Windows search for new hardware and install it again.

sorry but i don’t no what u mean by sound device, i have like 5 things that come up when i open that but not sure which is the sound device.

If you give/show me the list, I’ll tell you which one it is. :slight_smile:

Ok, in the list there are Audio codecs, Legacy audio drivers, Legacy video capture devices, media control devices, Microsoft UAA function driver for hight defination audio-Realtek 260 and Video codecs. Thanks for the help

That’s your sound device. It should install automatically after detection of new hardware, because the drivers are still in your Windows folder. Good luck!

Hey, did what u said and it worked, thanks very much! can actually listen to some music now!
thanks again