Sound Glitches whenever i access the Dvd Drive

I have a ABS Mayhem G3 ( laptop
AMD 3400+
1GB Ram
100gb HD
Ati Radeon 9700
M-Audio Audiophile Firewire (soundcard)

and a Lite-On Slimtype SOSW-852s DVD drive.

I have been having tremendous trouble with this issue because it is very annoying to me, it won’t even allow me to watch dvds.
basicly what happens is whenever i access the dvd drive the sound just drags itself, sounding very glitchy and bad. when i stop using the drive, winamp/itunes/mp3 player goes back to normality … it can’t even watch dvds because the sound is so horrible. this is when they are on dvd’s, because when i ripped them to my HD they worked perfectly.
This wasn’t always like this … for some reason, one morning i turned on my pc to listen to a cd and i couldnt because the sound was soo buzzy and glitchy. You are probably thinking this is a soundcard issue, but it is not for i have uninstalled that soundcard and used only the onboard soundcard and i still have the same effect.

Please help me for i would greatly like to enjoy watching some dvd’s withouth having to rip them to my HD. thank you very much for your time and concern.

edit: i have updated the firmware to the newest available and it still has this problem.

from what u describe it would appear to be a hardware fault. things i would try :

enter BIOS setup & disable any devices u don’t use. make sure RAM & CPU timings are at default speeds. install latest direct x from MS. search google for codec sniper, start it, scroll for broken codecs, delete. start it again, do same, until all broken entries are gone. get orange CD player @
try an audio CD. same issue ?..

i’m sorry to say, but it had no effect whatsoever … i removed all broken codecs … it’s not a question of DVD viewing … it’s DVD reading, it still makes the sound go glitchy on me when accessing a Data DVD …

Hardware failure is a common problem with notebooks. Check the CPU load during DVD playback. The load shouldn’t exceed 90%.