Sound from my turntable is heard only in one speaker



Hi guys. I have a problem with the sound from my turntable. I am using this USB turntable and I’ve been playing records through my PC using one of this RCA cables to plug it into the line in from my sound card and plugging my pc speakers in the line out of the sound card. And it’s been working great. No software. But for a few days I only get sound in one of my speakers. I’ve bought a new cable and I get the same problem. Any ideas? It’s really annoying when things don’t work, isn’t it?


Just to be clear, I don’t use turntables these days…Can’t chug-along 1000s of LPs like you can MP3s…:bigsmile:
That said, check all the audio settings, and use an audio editor like Audacity to record and save to wav…And use a SW player to, uh— play them…
JM2cents worth…:wink:


Thanks for the reply but my problem is not the recording bit but playing and I’m not sure if the problem is caused by the turntable or the soundcard or some other thing


If I had to [I]guess[/I], I’d say, soundcard…Do you get sound from both speakers, when not using the turntable?..Did you check all audio device settings?..Speaker setup?..


Yes, I do get sound from both speakers when not using the turntable


Have you[I] tried[/I], recording to wav and playing the wav with a SW player?..
Remember, you’re going from, analogue -> digital, when connecting from turntable to soundcard…The souncard is doing the converting…Maybe someone that actually has a similar setup( USB turntable to PC) will chime in…


Can you connect some other analogue audio device such as a cassette player?

What about taking a simple line out of the turntable and plugging it into the microphone input on your PC…then check this is stereo by attempting to record it using Audacity as tOnee suggested?


Swap the cables around and if the dead channel follows your swap then it’s probably the cartridge connection or a dead channel on the cable…


Check the stylus and make sure it is not damaged. A missing or broken diamond may only be picking up one of the stereo tracks from the record.