Sound Forge & Cubase can`t find New Plextor 850 SA DVDR Drive

Installed New Plextor 850SATA DVDR Drive
Sound Forge & Cubase search for it but can`t find it???

And does at least another burnprog “find” the burner??

Thanks so very much for the help.
If I can assist anyone with Sound Forge or other music programs, I`ll be very happy to.

Nothing seems to work, so I just work around it.
Going to find an Hp DVDR drive to see if it`s a compatibility issue.
Really disappointed with Plextor.

My thanks to all who tried to help me.

Create an iso/image as output and burn this using imbgurn.

Ive tried everything. Replaced the 32dll, Checked the ASPI, checked the DMA, Pgm.drivers, firmware, registry, purchased Driver Detective,etc.etc.etc. Im reluctant to tamper with the chipset & BIOS since the last time Hp sent me an update , I had to send the computer back to Hp for a new motherboard.
*Im now wondering about (PASA) My final conclusion is that Plextor isnt compatable with Music software.

Its connected to SATA, so the SATA controller & setup make an important impact here.
Try to set it to compatibility or IDE mode in the BIOS…