Sound forge: combining stereo tracks



I’m new to this forum and sony sound forge 6.0. Before sound forge I’ve used Cool Edit Pro and in cool edit when you have more than one stereo track you can put them all into one workspace and play all tracks simultaneously. But I can’t work out how to do such a thing in sound forge.
I’ve noticed that sound forge has a feature called “mixing” and that it should allow you to mix two channels into one… I’ve tried this but somehow two tracks i’ve mixed don’t start at the same time, so it all gets messy…
If anybody knows how “mixing” is used in SF, or can help in any other way… I’ll be thankful


I came across this because I was having the same problem. I just found out how to do this though, you highlight one of them and drag it over the other one. You’ll have to make sure you fit it in right so your timing works out. Good Luck