Sound Fault

I used ‘easy video splitter’ to divide a downloaded divx. If I play the split files through media player on the PC no problems. I copied the files over to CD’s and when I play them on my stand alone DVD/Divx player through the TV the sound misses every few seconds. Does anyone have experience of this and know of a fix. Maybe burn it a different way? any help would be good.

I have this problem too… but i also don’t no why :frowning:

I have not had time to try any other software splitter options but as it plays ok off the hard drive I wonder if there is a problem with the transfer to CD.
What I did was to just send it to my D drive as if it was any other data file. Maybe it needs to go through a burner. What methods have you tried? :cool:

I noted that some ripped DVDs (codec divx) have this problem you described, i ripped it with Auto Gordianknot, size 700 mb, audio settings 128 kbps. Burned with a Nec2500 at several Medias (3A Media, Ritek, Verbatim etc.) at different speed 2,4,8x.

Do you think the problem is with the original rip and encoding and if so can can it be fixed in some way. Or do we have to trial and error find another source?

No i think it’s a problem of the standalone devices, maybe incompatible to some divx adjustments… who knows ^^.

Can I change the subject slightly and ask if you know how to open an AVG update file.
I have downloaded a movie in two CDs [Telesync] [SVCD]
They downloaded in 2 seperate folders (one for each CD) in the first is [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1]27,648Kb AVG update file. There is also [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1].cue Cue File 0Kb

The second CD folder contains a similar AVG update file[Telesync] [SVCD] [CD2]0Kb and similar Cue File [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1].cue 0Kb

Do you have any idea how to open and burn these to disk