Sound Error (Xvid)

Hi there,

Just installed, and WOW it fast and simple to use…

I have just made a 2 GB xvid, with DK subs of Casino Royale.

Started it up in Windows Media Player Classic, and it looks real good.
after having seen 30 secs or so, I jumped 25% into the movie, and now the sound was gone.

stopped, the playback, and opened the movie in WMP 11, Still the same.

What am I doing wrong ?

Have been using AutoGk before, with great Subs probs, but never sound probs. DVD fab, have no Subs error, it faster, and I really like to use the DVD fab…

Just tried under Ubuntu, and here the playback works, even when jumping into the movie…

What Filters are needed to playback an xvid with AC3 sound under XP/vista ?
And what version?

I’m using K-lite Mega Pack 2.8, on my XP Pro…


Just Reinstalled my Win XP, and installed:


AC3Filter 1.30b - 27.03.07

Stille the same problem when skipping into the movie, What ac3 filter is working ?