Sound driver issues

Hello. I just bought some CD’s and i was going to put them into the computer. but when i stuck one in, the computer didn’t read or recognize the CD (i checked the D drive) I am using a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC 4480B sound driver and i went through the whole troubleshooting process and everything and it didn’t help. I don’t know what to do now, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds (no pun intended) that you have a problem with the drive and not the sound drivers. Before you can even begin to hear any sound, the drive has to recognize and play the disk.

Post your complete system specs (including operating system) and someone will be more able to help you first find out why the drive doesn’t recognize the disk.

It could be one of the newer copy protected cds that won’t play on a cd-rom drive. Check the case, if it says ‘dual disc’ it could be the protection.

My specs are
Windows xp professional
intel pentium 4 cpu 2.40GHz
2.41GHz, 512 MB or RAM

And i tried CD’s that used to work and they dont work either :frowning: and none of mine says “dual disc”

Anyone? I need to get this fixed as fast as possible.

Does your drive recognize any CDs, Games, software? If not then your drive may be toast. You say it doesn’t recognize the disc. To me that means when you put in say a Windows XP Pro disc the drive does nothing? If so then you have more than a sound problem. :eek:

Yeah I try putting any disc in and the green light thing blinks for a while but then it abruptly stops and does nothing.
I sure hope its not toast… I dont know how expensive these things are hehe, but i’m assuming pretty pricy

They are pretty cheap. You can get a CD burner for about $20.00 or a DVD burner for around $30.00 :wink:

Take this advise which is pritty sound but before you do try to restore your windows system to a month back or try to reformat your hard drive if these didn’t work out follow the advise.

From my past experience, not saying your’s is the same as mine but your drive is gone. Everytime i had a drive work fine then all of a sudden just do nothing but try to read a disc, light blinking, drive clicking it was junk. Not saying this is your case but… :frowning:

Can you not try your drive in another computer? This would let you know for sure if the drive is dead!

oh well. i’ll just trying opening it up and dusting it. then if it still doesnt work i’ll toss it and get a new one.

Thanks for the advice guys