Sound doesn't play at all - everything seems fine - PLZ HELP




I think A-Traveller had the same problem but he didn’t post how he solved it or I couldn’t find it.

My problem:

I am using an on-board sound card. All drivers are installed and there is no error message about them. I even re-installed Windows.

No sound is playing. Even the Windows starting sound.

The AC97 is activated in BIOS. The BIOS is updated, too.

I tried out another sound card but it is acting the same way.

I also tried setting the hardware accel. lower but it didn’t help.

What to do? What to do?

Plz, help!

Thank you, Miran


Check the device manager and ensure that the soundcard is enabled there. Also check volume control (all programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control) and make sure that mute all is unchecked.


I did. As I said, everything seems to be fine.


I seen the same problem before, Check to make sure your speakers are working and plugged in and turned on!!! :slight_smile:


Exactly, also check the audio settings.


Did you check that the speaker are pluged in right, on some mb(n2 chipset) you can change the jacks in the software so you might want to check and make sure they are set right.


If the PC is new and has never had sound then it could be that the Front Panel audio connectors on the motherboard are not connected correctly. If this is the case you will need to check your motherboard manual for info on connections. If one pin is connected incorrectly then the sound will appear fine but you will get nothing. If this makes no sense im sorry. Just check your front panel audio connections.


Benjy25 Has a very good point,It is very easy to miss a pin or reverse a pair etc.