Sound device problems

Hey guys… here is the problem i’m having… i have my computer running win 7 home premium and i have the video card with an hdmi out hooked up to my tv. then the optical out goes from my tv right to my receiver. my other sound device i use is for Skype. a wireless Logitech set of headphones.The problem i have is that everytime i turn off my TV the only way i can get sound back on my PC is to reboot. I have gone into playback devices and i am unable to enable my AMD HDMI output. seems to default to my Logitech headset even if i use my PC sound last.again this happens as soon as i turn off my tv. even if it’s for a second. is there any way to get it to change to my hdmi device without rebooting?


This is probably an issue with the HDMI “handshake” where they have to talk to one another and once thats broken they need to go through the whole process again to start talking again. I mean you can try and update all your AMD video/hdmi drivers and see if that works, but I have a feeling it won’t do the trick, but try anyways. You can also open a support ticket with AMD and explain it like you did and maybe they can instill some confidence that it will get fixed in the future.

When I unplug my Skype USB headset, I know I’ve killed the normal speakers until I reboot the computer. One thing I’ve never tried is plugging in USB speakers - I bet those would work. But I think the USB handshake kills the audio stream to the ‘old’ speakers until reboot. Looks like there’d be a way to re-initialize the standard speaker stream, though.

I don’t use a direct computer to TV connection so I can’t say this will help the OP.
I use an external hard drive in a “toaster” docking station. It connects via USB strait to the TV. I just move it to the computer & load any videos I want on it.
This might help you ChristineBCW .
I have a D-Link DPH-50U that I connect my regular cordless phones to Skype with.
My computer speakers can play at the same time I’m talking on the phone . I usually don’t do that but theres no problem doing it.

guess is you´re receiver that causing these inssue. assuming youre sound chip or card in youre mobo is set as primary sound device.

That reminds me I have an Enermax keyboard with built-in USB sound. The keyboard has its own mic/speaker jacks.

theppfftt problem is with HDMI not USB. Apples and oranges :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=eric93se;2646385]theppfftt problem is with HDMI not USB. Apples and oranges :)[/QUOTE]
@ eric93se , The reason I posted about the DPH-50U is then the headphones wouldn’t be needed for Skype if they causing were the problem.

i guess what i could do is get a optical sound card and hook that up directly to the receiver. there fore eliminating the hdmi problem with carrying sound

Try instead of rebooting, log off, then back on again.

I don’t think getting a sound card with optical will solve your problem. But if you do get one, get a very cheap one because the digital output will be no different than a expensive sound card.

hey bro… why would that not solve my problem?i would then be directing the sound right from the card directly to the receiver. I’ll take your advice and buy a cheap one.

i have kind of the same problem but i have loads of static after tv is turned off. any ideas ?

how is your setup hooked up? All HDMI or do you have a soundcard with optical out hooked up directly to the receiver?