Sound data in space before each track

HI, wondering if anyone has come across a solution for the following - continuous mix cd contains sound data in the 2 seconds before 0:00 at the start of each track (negative time displayed on standalone cd player). Any software I have tried will not copy that data or even play it back, I assume because it “doesn’t belong” to any track. Or could be my 2000 model Samsung CD-RW (can’t remember model atm). Is there an app that will copy a music cd bit for bit without interpreting as music?

Umm… that “2 second gap” between tracks isn’t ON the disc anywhere. It’s done in hardware. The CD player sees an “end of track, wait two seconds” marker, and inserts two seconds before it starts the next track.

I don’t know where that sound is coming from, man, but it isn’t on the disc!

ummm… does that make sense?
as i understand it, the 2 second gap mentioned here is not a nero “pause between tracks” or mp3 artifact, but a portion of sound data that is flagged at pressing (it is an original cd) as belonging to a track but before the index marker for position 0:00 for that track (e.g. track 1 approaches the end and the dj mixing into track 2 is audible. then audio output abruptly stops as cd track 2 has commenced at position -0:02. output does not resume until track 2 has reached position 0:00, but as i said a standalone cd player will continue outputting sound during the “gap” for a seamless 78 minute mix).
sorry if this is not very clear, but i haven’t found another way to describe it and no-one else seems to mention this problem. i appreciate your thoughts gurm but the sound HAS to be on the disc, no?

The pause (index zero to index one points) on an audio CD can be any length and it is ok for them to contain actual music. The only exception is the first track which must have a pause of non music of no less than 2 seconds. The pause of a track DOES belong to that track (it has the same track number in the Q channel subcode).

no offense Gurm

It is common for PC software to ignore the pause and I don’t understand why. Have you tried EAC (Exact Audio Copy) yet? I don’t rip CDs often so I’m not sure what to suggest.

Yeah my bad, head was somewhere else.

MOST software only rips from track start to track end. If you want pre-track gaps… I’d recommend EAC.

thanks guys, i appreciate your suggestions - i will try EAC.