Sound cards, audio recording hardware and WMP

Hi everyone

I have searched for the answer to these questions and to the best of my knowledge they haven’t been covered directly.

I am about to purchase a new computer and I would be very grateful if anyone could clarify a few things for me:

a) I have a digi 002 which I use for music recording with Pro Tools. I have a decent pair of yamaha HS50 monitors that are connected to the 002. Is it important that I buy an expensive sound card with my new computer or am I right in thinking that it will not make much difference because I am recording with the 002? I am weighing up whether to save on the soundcard and put the money towards more RAM/processing speed to deal with those demanding plugins.

b) I am currently using Windows Media Player to burn my CDs. I have never had any complaints and the CDs, to my knowledge, have never had any burn errors. Are there any advantages therefore in me purchasing Nero 8 or similar to burn my CDs?

c) If I invest in a quad processor of around 2.4 / 2.5 GHZ clock speed will I be able to print lightscribe CDs or complete similar tasks while the recording software is simultaneously bouncing down? Is multitasking with several demanding applications really that good with top spec PCs or is the recording likely to occasionally incur some errors? (I don’t have time to listen and check every CD for errors).

Any help would be fanatastic - thank you in advance. :slight_smile: