Sound Card Drivers, WinXPPro SP2 & drive read errors!



i’m using an OEM Audigy card w/1394a. i recently upgraded from Win2KPro to WinXPPro SP2. after installing a number of apps i use i realized i had not yet installed the Audigy driver. after installing the driver, i began to get all kinds of read errors from my CD-RW & DVD-RW drives. i tried the KX Project drivers and got the same result.

basically it appears that as long as i do not install drivers for the card, i have full use and functionality of my drives. as soon as i install the driver, i no longer am able to install any apps.

there is something going on w/the OS & these drivers is the best i can figure. i had the same exact system up and running using Win2kPro w/none of these issues whatsoever.

does anyone know of any viable solutions or updates that will rectify this lame issue?



anyone? :bow:


Let me see if I understand you correctly. You have been running windows 2000 OS and you have been using a OEM Audigy card w/1394a with it.
Then you decided to upgrade your OS to Windows Xp Pro Sp2 and then you reinstalled OEM Audigy card w/1394a drivers?

If this was the case did you do a fresh install or did you copy over the existing OS?

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complete format of system drive and fresh install of WinXPPro SP2

& thanks for the response…


Have you updated your firmware for your drives?
Did you look in your device manger to see if there were are conflicts?
By chance are any of your drives creative?

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no Creative drives and i think it’s some issue w/WinXPPro SP2 and the audio drivers. as long as i don’t install whatever audio drivers i have (Audigy or KX Project) i can install all of my other software w/no issues. as soon as i install the audio driver…blpht!

here is an example of the error messages i’m getting:

as soon as i remove the audio driver, i am able to install like nothing happened…


Yes, you are not wrong when you say it’s a driver issue. Audigy Sound Card Drivers are a pain in the butt because if you do not things a certain way they will cause issues. I had a similar issue where I had to remove any evidence of any other sound drivers that where on my system in order to have my Audigy sound card to function right.

This could be the answer to your abobe problem.

Any other kinds of errors that you could tell me? I will have to think on what else may be causing you problem.

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Are the drivers for the sound card certified XP compatible?

I know, I know… they don’t ‘have’ to be to work, but it is nice to know that the vendor at least test’s for issues before releasing to the public. I inclined to agree that the driver is causing the problem, unless you are running really esoteric hardware.


Yes Creative’s Audigy Drivers are certified XP compatible. They just tend to cause lot’s of compatiablity issues.

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Hmm… In that case, is it possible to find creative drivers that are not certified? :confused:


it may not be particular to Creative’s drivers unless the KX Project drivers use some similar programming. the same issue occurs when i install the KX Project drivers as well.

i don’t believe my hardware setup is esoteric. old maybe but not esoteric.


I have surfed through some other forums, There seems to be quite a problem with this, and nobody has any real good solutions. Still working on a solution.

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that Adobe solution seems on the right track, but this issue is not specific to Acrobat either. i just became aware of it since i was trying to update Acrobat and it asks for the install CD when updating. i also noticed an inability to burn CD/DVD’s. i did not discover it was the audio drivers until i did the clean install and began to check drive insatall abilities after each install of software (app/driver).

is there a service in WinXPPro SP2 of which anyone is aware that may cause such difficulties? i recently had to disable the Windows Time service to get the WinXPPro system to recognize D4’s time settings. perhaps there is some CD/DVD drive related service at work here…

thanks a lot platinumsword and all others helping out…



have you onboard sound and if you do, does it use creative drivers and is it disabled ? (BIOS)


onboard sound: yes
creative drivers: not sure since never used
disabled: always is

is there a service in WinXPPro SP2 that would cause such an issue? or what about the CD burning capability that’s supposed to be built into XP, would that cause such an issue?


Creative has offered little or no assistance. in fact, they claim my card is ESOL. anyway, i decided to go with the M-Audio Revolution 5.1 audio card. hopefully this is not a WinXPPro SP2 issue…


I hope this will sloves your problem, I was totally stumped on your issue. Trying to slove a problem through forums is not as affective as being there.

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i hope so too. actually, for most issues, the forums are quite helpful. this is likely the 1st issue i have ever encountered that was unique enough to my situation that no other forum member had any info that was or could lead to a solution.

thanks to those who tried…