Sound card drivers installed, no sound



I have a E-Machine T5048.None of the drivers at the e-machine web site worked. I looked at the motherboard and found the
realtek chip so I loaded the T5046 driver. In the device manager
it has the sound as working with no problems. but in the control
panel it says no audio device detected. In the device manager
I have everything installed except high definition audio device.
I just put win XP sp3 on it. I also noticed the power supply
plug is a 20 pin but the board is a 24 pin. It says the HD audio
is sigmatel at the site for this model. but that driver did not install.

“Realtek HD Audio 2.38 2K/XP"
"Realtek HD Audio 2.38 7/Vista” depending on what OS you ru


Thank you very much DiiZzy, that realtek 2.38 worked perfect. E-Machines have got to be one of the worst machines
to work on. You almost have to take a picture of the motherboaed and blow it up to figure out what you need drivers
for!!! Again thank you very much!!!


Not to mention, the RealTek on board audio that a LOT of manufacturers uses SUCKS! :eek: