Sound but no picture LITEON LDW-451S

Just installed this today, no problem with CD’s but when I play retail & copied DVD’s I get sound but no picture. Have tried with Windows Media Player 9, PowerDVD and WinDVD 5 and have the same problem each time. Have also tried with Nero 6 Showtime but just get ‘Internal error. Cannot build graph. The application may be installed incorrectly.’ I have rechecked my hardware connections, Windows XP tells me all is working correctly, and I have downloaded latest firmware from LITEON.

I would be grateful for any suggestions because this is all unknown territory for me, is this a software/driver issue or might there be something wrong with my new equipment? :confused:

check your nview properties, maybe you have a second monitor/tv connected?

If you have an ATI card, make sure you have your monitor set as the primary display in display properties.

Windows Media Player 9 just shows a blue screen in the playing box, PowerDVD and WinDVD 5 just show the outline of the box with nothing inside i.e. I can see my desktop wallpaper. All else is fine - I can play MPEG/AVI/DIVX codec from my hard drive without issue. Have been digging on the web and wonder if it might be a decoder issue? My system gives me the following info on the decoder I currently have…

Name: “”
Company Name: “CyberLink Corp”
Product Version:
CRC32: 0xb3884a13
VID: 2
W2k upgrade=no
Win9x upgrade=no

Thank you for reponses already received. Any further advice/ideas would be more than welcome


check ur video settings. It would really seem as if ur monitor is not set as the primary viewing device. go to control panel, display, settings, advanced then, depending on ur gfx card, find the bit about primary/secondary display. make sure the monitor is primary. likewise if u wanna watch on tv, make sure the tv is set to primary.

how are you decoding the dvd video?