Sound/audio change in DVD/CD rom

I use desktop and I use the CD-ROM LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S.
I find when I use it to play DVD/CD, the sound/audio is changed and diverted.
When I copy the whole movie/DVD file to hd and play again ,
I find it is normal again.
What happen to my DVD/CD ROM ???how can I fix it ??
Any sugggestion apart from buying new one ???

Insert written dvd and then run nero cd/dvd speed, and preform a [B]Burst rate test[/B], and report back with the result.

I attach the burst rate test result in here .
Please advice (634 Bytes)

Your drive is set to pio-mode instead of UDMA, you can try this first.

[B]To enable DMA mode using the Device Manager
1.Open Device Manager.

2.Double-click IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers to display the list of controllers and channels.

3.Right-click the icon for the channel to which the device is connected, select Properties, and then click the Advanced Settings tab.

4.In the Current Transfer Mode drop-down box, select DMA if Available if the current setting is "PIO Only."
If the drop-down box already shows “DMA if Available” but the current transfer mode is PIO, then the user must toggle the settings. That is:

•Change the selection from “DMA if available” to PIO only, and click OK.
•Then repeat the steps above to change the selection to DMA if Available.

I change to "DMA " already. But there is still sound/audio change when play the DVD/CD .But it is no problem when I play the moive file in hd …
so, what is next step or suggestion ???

Unistall the contoller, reboot and let windows re install it, if that doesnt work you might want to check the bios settings and the ide cable, but usually the unistall part works.

yes, it is working now .thank you …

yes, it is working now .thank you …[/QUOTE]