Sound and pictures problems with vcds

I am using claddvd v2 to rip the vobs to my HD, I then use Flaskmeg to make an avi file, I then use avi chop. The problem is if I encode with the TMGencoder the bitrate is 1150, and the sound is far to quiet, and I have too really wack the sound up on my tv to hear it. Is it best to save save the avi and a seperate mp3 file and then multiplex them back together.

Any help will me appreciated. (The main prob the sound is way too quiet)

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Forget about AVIchop! It can screw up your movie.

Use NanDub (or VirtualDub) instead!! With this prog you can also boost your audio volume!
Just look under the audiotab to find it!

Thanks for that you have helped me out, and I appreciate it. One last question what bitrate should I use to play vcds back on my standalone player. Tmgencoder reverts to 1150 bit rate as standard.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

For audio you mean?!

No I mean the movie file bitrate, when I convert the vobs with Flaskmeg, I normally set the bitrate for the movie to 3000. When I use TMGEncoder, it sets the move bitrate to 1150, if you overide these settings too a higher bitrate, then the picture gets jerky.

Thanks for your help, your a good man!

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You’re talking about VCD’s.
I do know that you can make DivXies using different bitrates. You can make them from 0-6000 kbits/s, where 6000 is the biggest but the best.

well vcds are made by certain standards… thats why if u in tmpenc choose the vcd template, itl set it to those settings,

for instance the specs for a pal vcd are 352x288 25fps CBR 1150kbps <— memorised , and that still leaves out the audio by the way.
dont know those :frowning: to lazy to open up 1 of my vcds.

so if a player says it can play vcds thats what itl play.
then ya also got what is called ‘‘xvcd’’ here u jsut crank up the res a whole lot, takin it to the max of what the mpeg1 codec is capable off.

made some of these it will actually look far greater then reg vcd but ul get less playin time on 1 cd .

so to make the long story short … if youyr player can play cdrs and is capable of playin vcds

then u should set it to jsut that bitrate that the vcd template in tmpenc gives you
in your case 1150

if your player is capable of playin xvcds , u can play around with the settings a bit, see what u like

i also like to add <---- great site with lotsa info and tutorials on this subject
have a look , post on their message board if needed