Sound advice needed

Would someone who truly knows please tell us the implications of excluding the various types of soundtracks - AC3 2ch, AC3 6ch, DTS 6ch (and others?). I have occasionally burned with just a single soundtrack and gotten a silent DVD, but not enough to have figured out the problem.

Well from what I have read, it is my understanding that for true DVD compliance a dvd must have atleast AC3 or 2ch audio on the disc. Many of times I have seen just DTS and players like Power DVD will show it as audio unavailable unless you purchase the dts codec for it. Another problem is sometimes when you remove audio if its not re-directed to the correct address then it won’t play. I have not seen this problem in a while since tools like DVD2One exist. But that is just my experience.

As a rule of thumb, the AC3/6 channel stuff is generally the main movie’s soundtrack and required.
The 2 channel audio is generally reserved for Director’s Comments and Extras, and may be discarded according to how important they are to you.
The DTS audio is a good candidate for removal. For one it’s big and the space freed up by removing it will help improve the video quality of the movie, and for two, unless you have a rinky dink cinema surround sound setup, you probably can’t play it anyway!


I think you have that reversed. If you have a rinky dink surround system, it may not be able to decode the DTS. IMHO prefer DTS, I think the surround and center channel is more emphasized and the overall sound it better. I usually keep AC3 and DTS only, but this is just my opinion.