what is the best soundcard, to work with wvelab (about makin CD´s from LP`s)it must be payable



I use and advice you to buy a soundblaster live OEM fl. ±140,00

What more do i have to say?


i’ve got a soundblaster live! platinum,it rox all the way

get one


hello new beeeee,
he said payable…duh…
that on e is not that cheap…


Hoontech Soundtrack Digital XG

A great soundcard with ALL the features you can wish for at an incredible low price. (f149.-/$69) I’m very satisfied with this card. Some reviews state that this card is as good as the Soundblaster Live and I fully agree!!!

Some highlights:

  • YAMAHA YMF744B audiochip
  • Highquality analog I/O…no noticable noise at all.
  • 3!!! digital I/O’s (optic, coax, AES/EBU) + 1 digital audio in for cd-rom.
  • Full 3D support (4 speakers, front&rear) Direct3D, A3D, EAX 2.0
  • Just f149.- / $69!!!

Check these links for more info:

To my knowledge, in the Netherlands you can only buy it at Conrad. But the card does not show on the homepage.
If your interested, I can send you a scan of the catalog + the order number.

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thanks for messages, but i still have asoundblaster live and i mean it should give better one´s for these price. thats why i´m asking for