Sould I buy the Lite 125S or Teac 540E?

I know that there are many lite on fans but try to be objective.
I heard that the Teac is faster and can do audio protected cds, is that true?
Are we 100 % sure that Lite on will release a new firmware to boost their drive and add Mt. rainier. Any clues?
What about the writing quality?

I don’t have the units you’re looking at but I have a
litey 24102B and a Teac W58E (8x). The litey has trouble
with some brands of Blank CDrs (PNY for example) but
the Teac works with every brand I’ve ever tried.

To be honest, I bought the Litey because it’s CHEAP!
I think Teac’s are a higher quality product.


thanks for the reply however I haven’t heard any hardware problems since they moved on their production from the 8and 12to the 16* and 24*.

I guess you have read our review? And others as well…

With the P-CAV firmware(to be released soon?) the LTR-40125S is faster.

Lite-On can’t read protected audio, I’m not sure about TEAC and I can’t check now…