Soul Reaver 2

Hello All
I am trying to copy Soul REaver 2 for PC by using CloneCD 3.2xxx I have Sony 150e which does not do SD2, and I know that Soul Reaver 2 is an SD2 game according to ClonyXL.
I’ve tried Amplified Sectors and HIde CD what else can I do?
It won’t go past the Loading Screen.
What setting would you recommend?
I am running an WinXP Pro.

try these settings
Read settings
read speed 4X
FES on
FES settings:
read retries 3
error correction software

Write setting
speed MAX
AWS on
don’t repair… on

first burn to CDRW to check
if irt works

oaky_88 stop posting the same replies. This isn’t helping!

tempnexus, I would suggest you read this article for more SafeDisc 2 solutions.

just trying to help

Originally posted by oaky_88
just trying to help

I know but I think you understand my post? He already tried to copy it with AWS and it didn’t work. Making a back-up with “Don’t repair the Subs” on won’t make a difference.