Soul Reaver (1 not 2) Problems...inexperienced user

I’ve always just dled games, but i decided enough was enough, and i got myself a LiteOn 52x24x52 (52246S).

Its real nice and fast and spiffy…but i gotta be honest…i dont know wtf im doing.

After looking around it sounds like CloneCD is the way to go, so i got hold of and downloaded the templates from this forum that were posted.

My friend wants me to copy Soul Reaver which he borrowed from someone and it didnt work on my old 4x OEM Mitsumi drive a few weeks ago.

When i told him i got a new drive that I think can most definately copy it he let me borrow it again.

I got Copy Protection Detector 0.6 and it says that Soul Reaver is Safedisc protected. Now it didnt have a 2 infront of it, and its a relatively old game, so I assume its a Safedisc 1 protected game.

So im using the Safedisc template that i downloaded on the forum and by chance while the disc is being read, i click the “Tools” menu and check the log.

Its getting lotsa “Failed to read Sector” errors…like one after another after another…

Is this normal? After reading that the LiteOn 52246S could backup Safedisc 2 games, i was sure that it could deal with Safedisc 1 games…

PLEASE HELP!!! IM LOST…and i gotta return this to my friend tomorrow…

Do i use the template to read it and write it? or just one or the other? could the Copy Protection Detection program be wrong?

here are my specs:

Pentium 3 900mhz
768 mb SDRAM
Samsung not sure of model # DVD ROM
LiteOn 52246S CDRW
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32 MB DDR
…bah, thats prolly all you need…(not including the last one)

THANKS!!! tell me if you need that log file that i saved

one more thing…

once ive burned the image, how can i be sure that it’s perfect? do i have to test out every single feature in the game? or is there a way to analyze that (besides the fact that CloneCD is supposed to make 1:1 copies)


just thought of one more thing…

do i need to find a crack on the internet that i have to copy over to the program folder once i install it?

or is that not necessary cuz im using a LiteOn now?


:cop: Be careful how you phrase that, you will only get help if you at least appear to be making legitmate backups for personal use, as permitted under law :cop:

However if I read you right you will be making a backup for a friend which he will keep and not distribute. This should be ok.

Errors are normal for safedisc protected games, they are part of the protection. Use the “game CD” profile, or alternatively “protected CD” profile and it should all work out fine.
As long as the backup copy loads you can be fairly sure its a good copy.

Cracks should not be necessary.

so i should use the game template as opposed to the template for sd 1 found in the template pack for ccd 4 that was posted in the forum?

“My friend wants me to copy Soul Reaver which he borrowed from someone”

:cop: closed :cop:

Ps. The error sectors are normal. Default Game Profile and SafeDisc Profile will both do fine.