Sought optimal combination of DL DVD disc and burner?

I need to create a few copies DL.
Currently I have to + R DL MKM003 Made in UAE
(from 10x spindle 43666 of tomdax on Amazon)
used the Verbatim DVD.
BenQ DW 1640
LiteOn iHAS624
Optiarc AD-7200S and the
Pioneer BDR-S07 XLT (Fw.160)
As screen the best ever results:
Can this still be optimized,
with another blank / burner or a combination there of?
Looking forward to your tips
and in advance for Thank you!

The BDR-S07 and AD-7200 would probably be just as good as any other drives you could buy. The iHAS624 is probably equally decent. I wouldn’t expect any newer drive to do better. And MKM 003 is also the best you can buy.

[B]And how is the scan assessed?[/B]

Oops; sorry for the really late reply. :o

The scan above? It’s okay. Not perfect (PIF are higher than we like to see on MKM 003), but the DW1640 doesn’t see a problem at the layer break & the overall error count is low, so it’s very acceptable.