Sotware update: CD-Mate v2.2.11.19 - mainly small fixes

I just posted the article Sotware update: CD-Mate v2.2.11.19 - mainly small fixes.

It’s certainly been a while since we heard from CD-Mate but today, thanks to cd-mate for submitting this news, we can inform you that a new version was released. This version,, was…

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Could you add some more decimal points to your version number it’s not confusing enough. :4

sheesh, bad as nero with the version numbers.

The previous version copied safedisk great but this version leaves the disks unreadable, while trying to copy Age of Mythology. When back to last version and once again all was fine. I would avoid this version like the plague :frowning:

Thanks for the info, on a personal basis, I would stick with BlindWrite as this is the no 1 for 1:1. It is constantly being updated too cope with the new protection schemes :wink: plus cdfreaks as a good relationship with the Blindwrite Team, we give them plenty of feedback, they incorporate the features we require :4 Greets from The Diplomat :8