SOSW-852S RPC Question



I have just changed my Sony to a 852S with PST3 with great success thanks to this forum.

My question is how to remove the region code to enable the drive to be ‘Multi Region’.

Searched on here but no luck…any ideas ???



You can make your drive region-free by using the LtnRPC tool:

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Thanks - does this look OK ???:


Yes it looks fine but that is not a full Nero Infotool report and as such lacks a lot of the more important information reported. :wink:




Looks fine…

It’s addressed in the FAQ at the top of the forum.


OK I have used the RPC tool and rset the region. Is that ‘change’ permanent or do I need to keep resetting each time I start the PC ? The reason I ask is that in the Device Manager info on Region it says only 1 change left but the RPC tool lets me change the number of changes…if you get my meaning.

Basically are the changes on the RPC tool written to the EEPROM on the drive or is it only a software change ?


Permanent, stored in non-volatile memory.