I have a SOSC-2483K slimtype combo drive for my laptop. There is a firmware update for the SOSC-2483KX whick is the external version of this drive. The external version looks like it has better support and even has an updated firmware found at:

The problem is that the flasher won’t flash the internal DVD drive and Xflash can’t extract the BIN because the flasher is scrambled. Does anyone have the BIN of What is the best way to get the BIN out of a scrambled flasher?

download a patched flasher here:

Thank you. That worked great!!!

sorry the link can’t work now.
still anywhere can download?

crossflash patched KK0N flasher:

Can you upload the cross patch again please? Thanks in advance!

plese upload this file again
i need it

My Lite-On Sosc-2483k combo drive has a lot of trouble reading certain media, unfortunately including the discs I have archived software on. As noted above the flasher provided by Lite-On only works with the external version of the drive. If anyone could be kind enough to post a patched version of the flasher I would be very grateful and I’m sure many others as well who bought Acers with these drives in them.

Does anybody still have this file? Neither link above works.

Repost the firmware please!!!

i don’t have that file anymore, please stop PMing me!