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I need to acquire a piece of recovery software. I have a hard drive that I use to keep my Doc. txt. Mp3. and various other information. It is not a primary hard drive. (250 GB WD) There was an accident and the information was erased, but not formatted. I have used some free software to look in and see if I can retrieve the info and it appears as though I can. It has recovered the Jpeg’s so far and then if I want I can go back and get the WMA’s. The program is slow and not as good as I would like. (The software is pci_us_smart-recovery) I need a good program and am willing to pay for it, however I would like to try it out first and make sure that it will do what I want it to. I have had this happen to me before, so I really need a good one. All help is appreciated


Recuva by Piriform is meant to be quite good.

Havn’t tried in myself yet though.


I’ve used trial version of GetDataBack from It see’s most of my files but is of no use to me unless I purchase the full version.

I found somewhere a program (free) called ‘testdisk_win.exe’. This one also found some of my files and was able to recover them. I can’t find where this came from though.




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