Sorting out laptops



When going store to store, each 17" screen HP laptop has a different model number. It is difficult to compare them, price-wise, when they differ in what they contain. How can a novice know what they are getting? For example, when I found a laptop at Sam’s club, I could not even find a like model number on the HP website. What are “must haves in a laptop:confused:”? Thanks for the guidance.


I really depends on what your needs are. What do you plan on using a laptop for, browsing, some word processing, watching movies, graphic work, gaming, etc,? How about price? List your needs and advice will follow. Some manufacturers have arrangements with retailers to supply models exclusive to that retailer.


Maybe this might provide you with some insight.
Actual feedback from owners and enthusiasts.


We can definitely help you pick a laptop if you give us the feedback Whappo was asking for.