Sorting of mp3s

Hi Guys,

I have a lot of mp3s that i have stored on my hard drive from original music cds, what i want to do is this when i copy from my cds onto hard drive it automatically fills in details ,Artist Song Etc.

When it does the artist it goes by first name example Cliff Richard is there a way or program that will either change this to Richard Cliff in other words reverse the name , The reason i ask is that i use the Guinness book of hit records and it it catergerised this way, as i look up the years songs that were in the charts or do i have to it maually in windows?

hope i explained myself ok

many thanks


Here is one very powerfull renamer program.
You may need to invest in learning what to do.
If I recall it has undo function. I do suggest you have backup in case you encounter problems in renaming.

Or search for other programs in this renaming category, maybe more specific to your needs.

Thanks Goudo will give it a try