Sorting of ISO files

Does Nero sort the ISO files inside the track to be burned? I’ve got the strong impression the files gets sorted by name (ascending)… If so, is there a way to disable the internal sorting of Nero?

I’m burning ISO cds that some DVD players can display and the files (actually photos) on the CD must be sorted by time (descending), not by filename.

Thank you in advance.



I think they may use the sorting rules of the file system choosen. E.g. for ISO9660 use the rules for ISO9660 file and directory sorting.


Thank you for your input, you are certainly right. I googled for ISO9660 sorting rules and it seems that the sorting is a requirement of the standard.

Maybe I have to talk to the customers, because they stated that other sorting of ISO9660/Joliet CDs was possible with an earlier version of the software (way before my time)…