Sorta OT: Dvd Case Insert Labels

I’ve had no problem bring any of my dvd’s with my burner using DVD decrypter and Clone DVD, all that has been running fine(knock on wood)

The problem Im having is trying to pring out covers for my dvd’s for the case. I have Neato Cd/DVD label maker and the software, and am using the correct template, but no matter how hard I try I cant get it to come out just right. I line up everything with the lining of the template but it always leaves a little bit of white on the back part of the cover of the dvd case, and the spine of the dvd is a little off center, so it looks crooked when the dvd case is closed.

Its something small, but it drives me crazy!!! LOL. I have a Lexmark X5150 printer that Im using to print out of.

Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this?

The covers I use are from… (the dvd section). The one I am having issues with is the Saw custom DVD case cover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


I will be anxiously awaiting a reply for this post. I have some Sure-Fine DVD cover blanks. I tried several printing utilities to get the JPG’s aligned properly, but, I, too, am left with white space. Temporarily, I have opted to burn on plain old paper and trim to fit the best I can. Got tired of wasting the blanks!

I have found it is easiest to just print it on 8.5x11 slightlly oversized and trim to fit. You can get office depot presentation paper (kind of like extra heavy paper) and it does not bleed if you use high resolution photo settings. I know other companies make similar paper to though I’m not sure what it is called (its thicker and smother than plain paper but thinner than card stock).