Sorta Newbie Questions about Kprobe2

Hi all. New to kprobe testing, but not to burning in general.

Ok, here are my quick questions.

First, my rig:

Reader: Liteon 166S, Speedhacked (thx Codeguys!) to read burnt media @12x.
Writer: Liteon 851S->832S, Omnipatched

So I have this ginormous spindle of HP Media, 4x, CMC MAG F01 00 discs. Want to try to figure out what the best write strategy is for them, so I’m monkeying around.


  1. Does it matter whether I run kprobe with the burnt disc in the burner or the reader?

  2. For PI/PIF scans, lower numbers are better, right? Like, right now I’m scanning a disc that I burnt at 2.4x with the default write strategies, and I’m getting an average of 156 and 0.25. Is that good? Clearly my 4x burns aren’t as good, so I’ll be fiddling a bit with write strategies to try to find good ones. :slight_smile:

  3. What else do I need to know, as a newbie, other than not doing real-time scanning?

  • Gurm

I am a newbie too, but I can answer the 1st question.

  1. It is strongly advised that you run kprobe with your LiteOn burner, not your LiteOn reader (even if it is compatible).
    With the reader, you will get different results, even inconsistant results (different results when you test the same disc again), and you will have problems to run the scans at speeds other than maximum.
    You should try Nero>CDSpeed>Disc Quality Test.
    I don’t have a LiteOn burner, but a LTD163D reader, and I had problems with KProbe,
    now I am using QT with better results. But this is my first burning day, so don’t take my word too seriously. :slight_smile:

  2. Lower numbers are better, yes. Your average PI 156 is a bit high, I guess.

  3. Not real-time? I didn’t know!