Sort out Track Number

Hello all,

I have a list of mp3 files, but their track numbers are out of order, or there is no track number for the files. The file names of the tracks look like this

01 - file1.mp3 (track number 3)
02 - file2.mp3 (track number 5)
03 - file3.mp3 (track number 1)

I want all the track numbers to be in order…starting from 1-30 for example.

I want this because when i import the tracks to my ipod, it orders the tracks according to the track number.

I did some research and found out “mp3 tag tools” and “AudioGrail” can take care of my problem. I have been fooling around with the programs but i cant figure out a way to solve this issue.

can anyone plz help me out with the programs, or recommend a new program that might fix my problem?

thanks alot!

WinAmp has a plug-in called ‘Playlist unpacker’ that can do that. WinAmp also can send them to your iPod.

Tag&Rename can do that easily; I do it all the time.