Sort of OT...discs longer than two hours at SP?

Some of you guys known a lot more about this than I do. (Not hard to achieve, I promise you. :stuck_out_tongue: )

A good while back blank CDs couldn’t hold quite as much as they do now. The length of the blanks did get slightly extended, tho’.

Any chance that might happen with DVDs? Any chance they’ll ever make blank DVDs that hold more than 120 min. at the SP setting?

I think those are called DL (dual layer) disc :wink:

and they will be affordable as soon as Blue ray comes out.

Hopefully LiteOn will just do a firmware upgrade to enable DL burning on these 5xxx series, but I doubt it.

Some brands of DVDs will read slightly longer than others ie: some -R at 2hrs 4mins and some +R at 2hrs 2mins