i reinstalled the forum, but the latest backup i could find was a backup of over 2 months ago
this means a whole bunch of postings are gone and a whole bunch of people will have to re-register... SORRY AGAIN... can't help it... those l@mers kicking cdfreaks off servers are very annoying...

but from now on i promise to be a good webmaster and backup this forum every one or two weeks

well anyway, it's working now and i suck and i know it...


Kut man, dat sucks!!


Glad to have you back.


I don’t give a FUCK…

YoU’rE BACK ! !

-== Im # 1, so why try harder ?, huh ? ==-
-== ==-


The only thing that matters is that you guys are back. And hopely forever. Because it where long days without CDFREAKS


Hey guys I missed you!



time testing…




Ja, het waren lange dagen, en dan steeds een beetje op posten. Als je d’r ook maar één crackje op gooide werd er al gewaarschuwd. Fijn dat jullie weer on-line zijn.

Hitbits is taking you to a second sky!


hello back!
I’m glad it wasn’t Y2K, but some fucking lamers! (it would have been a shame, otherwise, 'cause you 'd been the only victim of Y2K!)


It doesn’t matter that you lost two months of messages, the most important thing is that cdfreaks is back, and I hope it will be for a very long time.

Good luck!!!


Glad to see your BACK …missed you guys…


OOOOOh wat heb ik jullie gemist…

Lookin’ down and say :
you really suck babe…


Deze post nog maar even verder vervuilen:



You want to know what I did in the time that CDFreaks was gone? I cleaned up my room! also the table where my comp. stands! Now I can find everything again! Echt VET joh! Saves a lot of time searching for that one cd with that app on it wich you can’t find, even after a our searching for it!
Is weer eens what anders om je tijd te vullen!
Now just hope those days are over forever!!!
C Ya L8rz people!!!


On a networksolutionsserver or not , in san anonio or not, I’m glad you’re back!!!


And so is everybody else!
Who lives at the #1 site!!!


I’m very glad to see youre back. The boring days are over!!