Sorry, There was a problem playing this track

:confused: Why am I getting this error all of a sudden with Napster?! It worked fine when I installed it … then all of a sudden whenever I try to stream a song to listen to the first few minutes … I get this error. If I download the song, I can play it … but that’s pretty cumbersome. Anyone know how to solve this error. I’m not finding much useful information out there about it … but others are having the same problem. Thanks!

Update: Reinstalled WMP 10 to fix problem. Geesh. Doesn’t anyone use Napster here? The level of “help” is surprisingly low! :frowning:

People are working you know,a liitle less on the attitude and people will respond eagerly to help you.

My OP has “attitude”?!

Sorry, don’t use Napster.

“Sorry, don’t use Napster.”

Cool. I haven’t used it in the past either … but it seems like Napster has one of the largest collections out there? I still use Itunes and a few other smaller places … but none of them come close to Napster selection for music.

That may be all well and good, but I buy the CDs and only if they are not copy protected.

I simply refuse to patronize DRM in any format.