Sorry, the Internet database does not


I have scanned the newbie threads but can’t find any help for this problem!

I am using Nero7 and click StartSmart and then select NeroExpress music icon audio CD in order to copy an original music CD I own.

After selecting all the tracks on the CD and clicking “Add” I see two windows: One says “Adding Files” and the other says

“Sorry, the Internet database does not contain information about this particular CD.”

I have tried using different original music cds that I own but get the same message!

I have also tried to open the Nero’s Title & Cd Database setting in options the change the URL from “default” to which does not help either. Incidentally, the default port setting is 80.

Can anyone give me a clue to how to retrieve the track information so I don’t have to manually type each track information???

Many thanks!


Have you tried ripping the cd through windows media play / itunes? that usuall provides all the information…

Have you properly set up CDDB or FREEDB? IIRC you need to set an e-mail address (doesn’t have to be a real one) for the search database stuff to work.
You should be able to find a configuration page like this: to set that up in.

Thank you for both replies…yes I wasn’t sure if I needed to use a ripper program like Windows Media or J. River Media Player to fill in the track information or whether I could simply use Nero7 to kill both birds with one stone. I simply want to make a backup copy of my library of music CDs.

“Have you properly set up CDDB or FREEDB?”

No, I don’t know how to do this. I have watched the Nero tutorial on creating a audio cd but they are assuming your have the music already ripped and stored on your hard drive and are simply burning them onto a CD.

So, if you can direct me to a link where I can read how to fill out this setup page for I would greatly apprecaite it!

Thank you again!

S. Pyper