Sorry, Need help

What The Hell is Advance AZO? is it good? whats the difference? i’ve seen Verbatim CD-R and DVD-R blank media in 25-50piece spindel pack (Made in Japan)… Is it worth buying and what is this Advance AZO thingie?

If it’s Verbatim with Made in Japan on it then snap it up, it’ll be excellent media.

MIJ Verbatim is TY and I would snap it up as TimC says.

Advanced Azo is a type of dye they use for most verbatim media.

Made in japan means it’s not made by the usual people who make verbatim media. But the company making the “made in japan” media are also very good. Overrated in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get the discs though, you shouldn’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

The Made in Japan CD media (Taiyo Yuden) is the best there is. There is not a shadow of doubt that Taiyo Yuden makes the best CD media (not RW) these days. So that choice should be a no-brainer

It’s more complicated when it comes to DVD media. While 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD media, especially DVD+R, is of very high quality, and can definitely be recommended, their 16x media gets rather mixed reviews here and elsewhere. While my drives (BenQ 1650 and LG H22N in particular) do like high speed Taiyo Yuden DVD media, and I never really had a problem with the disc quality (bonding etc.) either, quite a few people have, and bad / mediocre batches seem to be more common.

I personally would still recommend 16x DVD media by Taiyo Yuden, but there are very good alternatives available, e.g. Verbatim MCC004 media (16x DVD+R, made in Taiwan or India). Usually those MCC004 discs are cheaper, too.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I’ll go get one :smiley: :bow:

If it was me I’d get more than 1.

Absolutely. Get as many as you can :bigsmile:


where did you see those for sale at? thought i came across them on the net somewhere. cant remember.