Sorry I've been away

Well not for long I suppose but I had to re-format my PC (still not done re-installing all the Operating Systems and drivers) due to a virus.:frowning: :frowning:

Welcome back chriso!

PS. have you found a girlfriend yet? :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Wannez
PS. have you found a girlfriend yet? :slight_smile:

LOL :slight_smile:

btw how much time you need for installing your OS + all the things that come with it? I can do it in a couple of hours (ok I admit, I’m used to install lots of computers because that’s something I earn money with)…

Well the formatting alone took quite a while (deleting and making (2 pri dos and 1 ext dos and 1 logical drive) partitions) the had to install Win 98 (no problem), but then the graphics card drivers didn’t want to install wasting more time. Other drivers and programs went on fine but when I went on the internet IE4 (supplied with win 98) didn’t like the scrips on many websites (including this one) and kept giving errors so I had to go into the maze that is the MS website to get IE6 (at first all I could find were security patches for IE6). Then (well I tried before but IE4 didn’t like the scripts on the website) I downloaded Acrobat Reader 5 (the hightest for win 98) and installed it with relative ease. Also installing office took quite a while. So all in all, it took quite a while longer than it normally would.

BTW, I can normally format and install relatively quickly. Also, wish me luck installing Win 2000 and Win XP (yep 3 OS system).