Sorry its a maybe stupit question! Can I use image recorder for other any file type

sorry its a maybe stupit question!! Can I use image recorder
for other any file types such as mp3,mpeg,avi,…etc
what is the basýc funcion using image recorder,it elimates errors!!
I have alrady read users manual,I just wan to make sure what am I
going to do and don,t wan to loose my data files any of types while

I some times confusing it… I read somewhere manual or help file it says
in how to create nonmulti session data, they uncheck at the end in burn
section the “fimalize cd” and they check “TAO”,if we are making nonmulti
session data we should check finalize cd and DAO am I right or wrong!!
Because we are creating single session data and we should check finalize
cd and,DAO…
if I am not mistaken it was a pdf format that I have downloaded from ahead
web site which name is “how to create nonmultisessiom data” that one…

and also I have downloaded nero info tool at from ahead web site,it s a pretty
good for wieving information about drives…etc but when run it it freezes while
itis retrieving informaion from my cd room drive,but there was one cd room inside
my drive is this a reason that freezes!!while I left it empty none such thing
happens!! and in lite on LTR none such thing happened whether itis full or empty
is these things happens other people too or something wrong my computer!!
I have recenty updated my windows,installed “ASPI layer 4.60”,“ASPI layer 4.71”
but I had to do this for “CD-R Identifier version 1.63” and also I have updated my lite
on LTR installed new version of other firmware which is “” at

I just wan to store(burn)my files(mp3,mpeg,jpg…etc)in to the CD-r,s at the safest way
and more stable and secure…and the other thing I have to find a good empty CD-R(brand)
and this isa other such a thing…are these thing so too hard doing these thing or
maybe just simple…

does any one would tell me which one is the safest,securest,stable way burning jpg…,mpeg,
…mp3 files…what ever thats all…

sorry a I am little nerveous, going to mad…



if you want to be safe, you could burn an image of your data onto the image drive… once that is done, you can be assured that it will be written properly without errors onto the cd.

I’m moving this to the burning software forum so you may get better response. I’m not picking on you, just trying to help.
Image Recorder is mainly for saving an image of the disc you wish to burn, so you can burn mutliple copies later. You can save data this way too, but i’m not sure why you’d want to. Any data, any file type will work.
For burning, use DAO unless you are doing multisession. For general backup of your files, I suggest CDR’s and Nero. any file type can be included in the compilation, but MP3’s may not be play-able that way. Get some really cheap CDR’s and start experimenting!!
Have fun.:bigsmile:

OK no problem!!