Sorry if it's already been said and done, but I'm very desperate!

I’ve purchased a new DVD/CD drive, it’s kind is

LG 16x Internal Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter

I’ve installed everything that came on the CD with it, using my old CD-RW drive, it dosn’t recoginize that it’s even inside of the computer once I installed it!

At first I just installed it into the computer, then tried to work from there…and it wouldn’t open up or anything…

Also I used the old cords that were already inside of the computer. Should I have used the cords that came with the drive? It looked like the same exact thing though…

Please, someone HELP ME!!!

Make sure the bios is reconizing it as well if the IDE cable was good it still should be but I recomend replacing it with the new one to though.

Make sure the jumper is set correctly for the position on the cable and use the cable that came with the drive. Don’t forget the power connector. Look in the BIOS and see if it is recognized.

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Jumper pin jeez what would I do without you guys and gals? :smiley: