Sorry guys I have had some bad news so posts for now will be limited

I foned my uncle up on Tuesday evening and he told me dad was in hospital cus he was vomiting blood. I phoned the hospital and they said he also has a low blood count and I am real scared he might have a heart attack in the night, I love me dad to bits and too think I might lose him will destoy me completely, i am not too proud too admit I have shed some tears while writing this. I won’t know until 6pm on Wednesay if he is all right.

Greetz from a very sad Diplomat :’(

Take care all and I hope too be back with some more posts once he is well again.

Take care of yourself. Hope everything turns out allright with your dad. This forum aint going anywhere, it should still be here when you get back; unless the server gets messed up again :wink:

Yeah, best wishes for your dad.
It’s worse though, when you aren’t sure what it is.

We’ll be thinking about you.

Best wishes for you and your dad intercept. I hope that things get better for him

Originally posted by intercept
i am not too proud too admit I have shed some tears while writing this.

No problem, who doesn’t cry when something bad happens.

Best of luck to you and your dad intercept!

Thanks for all your support I really needed it. My dad was told in hospital too stop drinking or imminent liver failure will take his life, I have also found out my uncle, his brother with whom he lives with has the same problem and they have hammered their bodies for too many years, so I couldn’t cope with 2 deaths on me hands, so I am going too drive now and see them and try and convince them too stop now. I will resume posts when I know things are ok, as I am very unsettled at the moment and any further stress will give me a possible breakdown. The human mind can only tolerate so much before it gives in.

Thank you once again too my fellow friends on this forum.

I will just say too everyone who has read this post, sincere thanks and the same for the moderators and members who sent me replies.

I will be back soon, I hope, so for now, I will just try and work on this problem so I will be in a happier state of mind and able too resume some good posts in the not too distant future.

cya all for now.

my dad drinks a lot as well. he does not listen to reason when we try and talk to him about it. i dont know why people take to drinks as they get older. maybe it helps them in some way. i fear my dad is headed in the same direction and i dont know what to do cause he wont listen to me as he is addicted to his drinks.
anywayz… i wish you and your father well.