Sorry for this question: But Can the LiteON 812S write in Dual Layer mode?

All these USONS, UJACS , @832 etc. got me all confused.

I just want to know, should I go ahead and buy the liteON DVD+R9 - 2.4x

or should I simply buy an 812S and flash it so it is capable of writing Dual layer discs ? If it is capable can someone explain to me in laymen terms what I need ? Also what kind of performance can I expect and which media would be most suitable…

Is it possible to flash my 812S to make able to write dual layered discs and at which speed ?


Yes it can. Here’s a link to a thread showing a list of most of the burners that can be upgraded. I don’t know if there’s any new ones that have been added to that list but yours is on there. It also has a link to the firmware you need.

I have the same drive, but going to the code page i got confused with all the firmware i havae, what do i need to get it to a 832s? do i need anyother hack fimware or patchers or just the 832S firmware to make it dual layer, and if not what firmware do i need to make it 832S. can someone give me a name in that code ste because i dont see any frimware that said 812S@832S, can someone experience or have done this tell me. thanks