Sorry for this Double Posting



It is not a pirated version of vista, it has the vista logos on the front and came in an OEM-type sleeving, he just received multiple copies with a sheet of about 30 serials… One of which he gave to me…

I just do not like having multiple CDs in storage, and would like to put them all on one bootable DVD, and was wondering how if that is possible… Sorry if I sound like I am using a pirated copy of Vista, but that is not the case…



Sorry, I am going to abstain from this one. 30 licenses of Vista would cost an arm and a leg, or maybe just two arms and I can’t see someone buying this amount then giving them away.

If the institute this teacher works for has a site wide license for their computers and staff then the licenses are not for the teacher to give away.

I shall leave the topic open.


ya, I understand your opinion, and I am sorry if I sound lie I am being a troll…

Forget answering this topic, I will deal with the stack of CDs, and maybe find out if slipstreaming is the way to go…

Thanks anyway!